Stop Using Time-Outs, Threats, and Punishments

and discover the benefits of parenting with peace, joy, and connection.


By the end of the course you will know:

Your Child
Won't Listen

Understand why your current parenting methods aren't working and how to shift to more peaceful, respectful techniques that will benefit your whole family!

Limits to Set
and When

You'll be introduced to the  "Three S's Model" for knowing which limits you should set, which you can let go, and a process for deciding what is right for your family.

to Set Limits Easily
and Effectively

Get crystal clear on exactly how to set limits with empathy and respect and a step-by-step process for setting them in a way that makes your child WANT to listen.

Here's What You'll Get:

Access to FOUR MODULES that will give you an understanding of what research reveals about the benefits of positive, respectful parenting for raising calm, confident, connected, and compassionate kids.

Here is a break down of the content covered in each module:

Module 1

Understand how parenting styles influence child behavior and development, assess your default style and learn where it came from and why it matters, and begin shifting toward more connected, respectful parenting.

Module 2

Dive deep into the core principles of Respectful Parenting,  learn key mindset shifts that will make parenting with peace and respect so much easier, and get crystal clear on your parenting goals so that you feel aligned and centered.

Module 3

Get clear on which limits you should set with your children, which you should let go, and how to find the balance that is uniquely right for you, your family, and your child at any developmental stage. Included: Handy, printabale cheet sheets!





Module 4

Learn exactly how to set limits in a way that makes your kids actually WANT to follow your directions and cooperate, leaves you feeling more connected, and allows you to actually ENJOY parenting again!

Packed With Value

4 Modules loaded with research-backed parenting advice
Detailed workbook to take your learning to the next level
Private community support )

UW-Madison Student


4 Modules

Private FB Group

Lifetime Access


UW- Madison Faculty and Staff


4 Modules

Private FB Group

Lifetime Access


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"Refreshing authentic, non-judgmental, and informative."

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